Paper Quideline

Abstract Submitting Rules

·         The proceedings should be in Turkish, Kyrgyz, Russian or English.

·         Abstracts should be written in English as well as the language in which the paper will be presented.

·         The title should not exceed 10 words.

·         Abstracts should be written in a range of 250-300 words to declare the content, method and purpose of the paper.

·         Abstracts should include at least three (3) keywords.


Full Text Submitting Rules

·         Papers should be written in Times New Roman format with 12 pt., 1.5 line spacing.

·         The first page should include the title of the article, the name of the author(s), the name of the institution or university to which it is affiliated, the full mailing address, and the e-mail address of the author(s).

·         The title of the article should be written in CAPITAL LETTERS, centered in 14 pt.

·         The surname of the author(s) should be right-aligned under the title of the paper, and the title of the author(s) and the name of the university or institution to which it is affiliated should be placed at the bottom of the page in the form of a 10-point footnote.

·         The text should be written in A4 size, MS Word program and justified.

·         Page margin adjustment should be prepared as left and right 3 cm, top and bottom 4 cm.

·         Full texts should not exceed 20 pages.

·         References should be based on the APA (American Psychological Association) standard.


Note: The full text of the proceedings after the referee review will be published as an article in the MANAS Journal of Social Studies or the Journal of Social Science Institute of Ahi Evran University depending upon the request of the writer. In addition, 30 papers chosen by the Symposium Review Committee will be published as a book by the Writers Union of Turkey.

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